About Harris-McBurney Company

We Began as a Telecommunication Service Contractor in 1935

bell system's black phone

When we started as a contractor, the Bell System prevailed as the primary local telephone provider across the nation with AT & T as the long-distance carrier. At that time, central offices used electrical-mechanical switches arranged in a hierarchy from Local Switches connecting to Regional and District Switches to Toll Switches.

We offered a diverse set of professional services from outside plant to in-premise wiring services, central office services to other related services for the local telephone companies, AT & T and Western Electric. Our company roots are intertwined in the Telecommunication Industry.

From Yesterday to Tomorrow’s Technology

Telephones poles

Harris-McBurney Company still provides contract services for copper wire lines and wiring plants as well as services for fiber optics, various broadband technologies, and wireless.

We continue to expand and transform from telephony services to the inclusion of other utility services and a broad range of new Telecommunication and Communications services. Harris-McBurney Company’s Staffing Division offers employment services for the industries of our expertise as well as other new industries that we do job placement.

Keeping Pace with Telecommunication Expertise, “Best-Practices” and Work-Flow Processes

We are a forward-thinking company that has grown with the industry by developing the expertise and skills to keep pace. We are able to implement large projects with advanced technology by using the newest methods and the latest high-tech tools to get the job done. Our long history of executing top-notch professional services demonstrates our core competency in telecommunications and utilities. We have the regional resources and know-how to tackle challenging jobs and the most competitive “Request for Proposals” (RFP’s).

At Harris-McBurney Company, we continually focus on improving our work-flow processes and enhancing our “best-practices” to be more effective at delivering exceptional services with quality results. As a leading national telecommunication and utility service provider, most of our business comes from winning large or complex RFP’s and implementing large projects.

What We Do to Satisfy our Customers’ Needs

Harris-McBurney install and maintain telecomminication and CATV lines

We draw from our huge reservoir of knowledge, experience, and regional resources to expertly perform the work with quality results every time — that’s “What We Do” to Satisfy our Customers’ Needs.

Since 1935, Harris-McBurney Company has been meeting the needs of the Telecommunications Industry. We are a recognized Pioneer in the Telecommunications and Cable Television Industries by providing excellent contract engineering, design, and installation services.

In 1990, Harris-McBurney Company established its Utility Services Division to deliver high quality and reliable engineering and field services to the electric, gas and water industries. We have leveraged our extensive experience in Communication Engineering, Installation, and Technology with assembled teams of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in utility operations.

Harris-McBurney Company added its Staffing Division in 2010 to provide qualified candidates to our clients and for internal needs. We place candidates across the United States in multiple job fields.

We continue to satisfy our customers’ needs in new sectors and new technologies by deploying our expertise in quality contract services. Our project management approach continues to help our customers achieve success with their service delivery. We consistently satisfy our customers.

We Deliver Quality Contract Services, Nationally

With the combined talents and resources of the entire Harris-McBurney Company organization, Harris-McBurney Company is well positioned to nationally assist with any needs you may have in the following areas:

Harris-McBurney Company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida with satellite offices and operations throughout the United States.
New offices are established at other locations in support of customer requirements and regional projects.

Today, as a Woman-Owned and Woman-Managed Company, Harris-McBurney Company is dedicated to providing a wide range of Design, Engineering, Construction, Installation, Maintenance, and Technical support services on a temporary or long-term basis. You can rely on Harris-McBurney Company’s experienced management team to work professionally and efficiently to determine your specific requirements and implement the most effective solutions.

Contact Harris-McBurney Company to receive an initial free consultation for your next large project or RFP.