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Harris-McBurney Company has a regional presence nationwide, so our Staffing Services can hire and train locally to fill your company job openings. Our hiring practices use proven procedures and “best-practices” that we have developed over the past 80 years.

We assess your requirements by analyzing your needs and hiring plan and combine them with expected employee behaviors. We use a variety of search-sources starting with our own confidential database.  We search for qualified candidates by collaborating with different State Employment Commissions, using on-the-job employee referrals and responses from mass media advertisements in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, email campaigns, on radio and the Internet.  Finally, we use word-of-mouth recommendations within our company and referrals from our business partners, clients, suppliers and vendors to come up with the complete pool from which we select the best candidates for each position.

We fill openings for part-time, temporary, temporary-to-hire and full-time, long-term employment. Our screening process will quickly identify the best candidates, as we apply our high employment standards to screen candidates rigorously.  We do the due diligence by thoroughly checking credentials, references, criminal records, driving history, financial credit and substance abuse testing. We focus on attracting and retaining qualified employees with the right skills and experience to fit your work environment.

Please submit information about your company job openings so that we can work with you to deliver qualified candidates for your approval to do the job. We will call you to set up an appointment to discuss our Staffing Services and how we can help you meet your hiring goals.

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