RFP Response

The Harris-McBurney Company Solution

Every year Harris-McBurney Company answers Request for Proposals (RFP’s). These responses describe unique solutions to satisfy each client’s specific requirements. Our objective is to continually develop superior solutions at the lowest possible prices for RFPs in the areas of our expertise. We carry out our services by using a rigorous planned project approach with attention to documented requirements to prevent cost overruns. Our best-practices are developed by capturing years of on-the-job wisdom to allow us to be more efficient and cost-effective than our competition. We have an extensive history of excellent RFP results by consistently completing each project to surpass our clients’ expectations. For those RFPs awarded to us, we take ownership of the work as a trusted partner to complete the project on time, within budget and to our client’s specifications.

When We Bid – We are Sure about the Success

We know RFP success by the numerous implementations of comprehensive solutions we have developed for those RFPs awarded to us. At the Harris-McBurney Company National Headquarters in Tampa, our RFP Assessment Team carefully examines each RFP we receive. This experienced team of experts decides if we should bid or not. The bid decision is determined by our confidence and ability to deliver superior value for a competitive price. We feel our RFP Response must be a win-win, a win for our client and a win for us.

When an RFP is awarded to us, our best solution is already planned to be a success as a practical implementation with all the project tasks defined and estimated. We minimize the risk of implementation by investing our consultative services up-front in your RFP Response by proactively:

  • Asserting your interests as a first priority
  • Researching our project library of previous executions for improved implementations
  • Evaluating alternative implementations to synthesize solutions to fit your RFP
  • Assessing selective solutions using our cost-benefit analysis process
  • Anticipating project delays by identifying different approaches and backup plans
  • Organizing and Integrating our contract services to lessen critical-path tasks
  • Planning regional resources to be ready at the precise time and place
  • Allocating our leadership efforts to drive individual tasks to completion

Contact Us for RFP Assistance

Harris-McBurney Company has eight decades of experience working with all types of RFPs. We have extensive knowledge of the industry and how to implement an RFP the right way, the first time.

Our RFP Response will deliver a quality solution you seek at the best possible price for:

  • Full project implementation of the RFP
  • Sub-projects with a specific scope-of-effort in very large projects
  • Resolution of failed RFP implementations by competitors
  • Audits and project evaluations

If your company has announced an RFP and would like Harris-McBurney Company to consider a response to it, send us your RFP and supporting documentation via postal mail or soft-copy by email.  Regardless if you send us documentation or not, call us at (800) 282-5611 or email us for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you with your RFP. You can also contact us by using the form below.


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