Harris-McBurney Company has 80 Years of Experience

We Get the Job Done the First Time

Building an Outside Plant is a Tough, Dirty and Dangerous Job to be Performed by Qualified Professionals

Building and servicing an Outside Plant is just one of the many types of services Harris-McBurney Company can do as a choice Contract Service Provider. Our crews are deployed in rugged work environments from excavations with heavy construction equipment to new modern multiple story building constructions placing the most delicate fiber optics.

Flexibility of Nationwide Regional Teams

Our regional network of employees and contract personnel serve projects across the United States due to our ability to provide resources and skilled people to the job site when our clients need them.

Our workplace is almost anywhere. Our regional teams are comfortable working at:

  • Construction sites
  • Telephone pole
  • Wiring closet of a large building
  • Platform of a wireless cell tower
  • Incoming trunk frame of a digital switch at a Central office

Trusted Industry Leader

With 80 years of experience, we have built the most reliable and advanced technology underpinnings used today and required for service delivery in the Telecommunication and Utility Industries. We earned a solid reputation as the industry leader you can trust to get the job done the first time. All of Harris-McBurney Company’s cost-effective solutions help our clients achieve their goals by our tried and proven designs that improve the operational value of capital assets and foster easier maintenance. Click on Harris-McBurney Company Contract Services for an overview of our services.

We have our own workflow procedures and project management best-practices that have been used and honed on a vast number of large and complex projects nationwide. Our result-oriented project managers and qualified supervisors have the field experience to properly direct on-site operations of engineering, technical and constructions trade services while working with local government.

Our contracted services have built and touched thousands of dependable infrastructure sites for voice, data, video, water, and sewage. These infrastructures are the service backbone for telecommunication companies, industrial parks, university campuses, airports, hospitals, Cable TV operators, corporate organizations, government, and public utility facilities.

Seasoned Professionals of National Contract Services

We national deploy our seasoned professionals with the proper range of skills as required by our project plan to expertly perform: Outside Plant, Inside Plant, Premise-base and related services such as maintenance and emergency services. Our services use the latest technology with advanced techniques using state-of-the-art tools and equipment manned by experienced personnel possessing the right expertise. Our projects are executed with our qualified seasoned professionals supported by our proficient management and talented on-site foremanship, to perform the work to specifications and comply with the National Electric Code, National Electrical Safety Code, utility regulations and local codes.

Summary of Harris-McBurney Company’s National Contract Services

We are recognized as the authority and a leading national contract service provider of large scope of services for the Telecommunications and Utility Industries. Our contracted services are provided on either a turn-key or individual staff augmentation basis. Harris-McBurney Company has the experience, services, and regional personnel to make your project a complete success, at the lowest true cost to you.