Harris-McBurney Company Awarded RFP

Harris McBurney team working on an rfp with the client

Our RFP solutions ensure the customer is informed every step of the way by periodic reviews.

Our success is due to our extensive job history, list of satisfied customers, “reliable and easily maintainable” implementations and value-driven-results.

Harris-McBurney Company’s New Website

From Old Website to New Website

Our New Website was Built to Better Serve Our Customers

Harris-McBurney old website to our new websites

The original Harris-McBurney Company Website

Harris-McBurney new website is built to better serve our customers

The new Harris-McBurney Company Website

We are proud to announce the new Harris-McBurney Company Website with improvements to better serve our customers and Internet audience. Our goal is to create a new website experience using state-of-the-art technology while keeping the same familiar look of our original site.

Our new website uses the most innovative “open-source” software available today as a content management system with the capability to add more function and enhance our web presence as our company continues to grow.

Also, we made a major change in the way we manage content. Instead of using a programmer, now our internal staff will publish information and manage the content directly. This makes it easier to communicate with fewer steps to deliver content. It allows the management of Harris-McBurney Company to get their messages out in real-time.

At Harris-McBurney Company, we see technological improvements as the path to be more proficient and deliver more value to our customers.

Our new website is focused on 3 main areas:

  1. Our Core Business: Telecommunication and Utility Contract Services with separate pages for each discipline
  2. Our Employment Line-of-Business: Job Placement and Recruiting with the ability to submit applications or find more information on available jobs and put your resumes on file and also present job openings
  3. What’s Happening at Harris-McBurney Company: Updates section composed of News and Press Releases

The new Harris-McBurney Company website is designed to help visitors find the information they are seeking quickly by using a Search Box and menu system with an information structure that is easy to follow.

Please feel free to contact us about our website with recommendations, feedback or suggestions by leaving a comment.

Thank you for your continued interest with Harris-McBurney Company. We look forward to serving you in the near future.


Staffing Division

Our Staffing Division was formed in July 2010

Harris-McBurney Company was pleased to announce the addition of a new Staffing Division in 2010. The new division was formed to focus on internal hires and providing our clients with qualified candidates. At that time, we had brought on Heidi Louden as the Director of Staffing to head the division. She had over 13 years of experience in the Recruiting Industry.

Our Staffing Division Continues to Grow

Over the years , we have grown our Staffing Services into a national placement center for staffing throughout the United States. We provide our clients with qualified professionals with the experience and ability that is needed to do the job properly,  place qualified candidates with terrific jobs and continue to seek talented professionals for internal placement within the Harris-McBurney Company organization.

Today, our Staffing Services Division is being managed by qualified staffing recruiters. They are focused on achieving goals for clients and candidates by hiring the right candidate for the right job. They are always ready and willing to help clients and job seekers solve their hiring problem.


Experienced Directional Boring

Harris-McBurney is experience with directional boring to implement the outside plant and leaders in the industry

Harris McBurney has the reputation of getting the job done right the first time.

We use the latest equipment with our skilled and experienced technicians to efficiently lay cables, pipes or conduits to local code and our “best-practices.”

National Technical Teams

Harris-McBurney team working on the job

Harris-McBurney teams are internally trained with field experience.

Our teams are internally trained technicians with field experience.  We deploy resources regionally to handle any size projects expertly.